Date: 11th November 2018
Time: 1 - 5pm
Place: Healthy Living Warehouse Space
16-20 Hindmarsh Ave, Welland
Tickets: $250
+ A small engaged group of people
+ Two local social enterprise founders to share their insights about social inclusion, ethical consumption, and our impact as individuals
+ Facilitated activities, both self-reflective and team work
+ Delicious food to share together
+ An opportunity to develop a deeper connection to yourself, your community and the environment, and the courage to translate this into action
+ A fun, intimate experience facilitated by Nikkola and the Conscious Living Project team!

Foundation Workshop

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We invite you to connect with yourself, your community + nature, and to feel empowered to make more conscious choices. What's in store for you:


Dedicate time to ask yourself: what kind of living makes me feel good?
Connect with the part of you that feels drawn to something greater
Connect with your sense of purpose
Feel supported and encouraged in a safe and inclusive space
Remember how much you (and your joy) matter!


Hear from our community partners From Found and Onyourblock about ethical consumption, conscious choices and making a difference
Build friendships with people who care about the world as much as you do
Raise your awareness about what’s happening in our Adelaide community, and practical ways your daily actions can make a difference


Discover what conscious living means to you and get clarity on what conscious choices you want to make
Receive encouragement from a group of like-minded people
Be a part of a supportive group and share your wisdom with others
Develop courage to live in alignment with your values

Are you ready to connect more deeply with the world you live in?
Are you ready to make more conscious choices about the way you live in the world?
Join us for this unique opportunity to connect on things that matter, with people who get it!

Join Kirsty, Nikki, Karyn and Nikkola as we create a supportive, safe, encouraging space for you to connect and create something impactful for yourself and the world you live in.
In alignment with our business model, 10% of profits will be shared with social enterprise From Found. We believe supporting businesses that work to solve social and environmental problems is supporting a happier future for us all. 
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Not only will your ticket support your personal journey, but also those businesses working to solve social and environmental problems for our future!



From Found is an ethical fashion label with a twist. Not only are they reducing waste by making each beautiful item from fabric destined for landfill, they are creating employment, skills-training and community for women from refugee backgrounds.

We are SO excited to hear from Managing Director, Lauren Bonnet, about the origin story of this beautiful enterprise, their mission to educate consumers about the environmental degradation of fast-fashion and overconsumption, and a discussion about how each of us can make a difference through being intentional when we buy. We can’t wait to get into this with you all when we’re together!

Onyourblock, ethical, business, platform

We are also delighted to have Daniel Kirk, Spokesperson and Operations Manager for Onyourblock coming to share with us!

Onyourblock is an online neighbourhood for keeping in touch with like-minded souls, sharing your favourite things and discovering the best purpose-driven organisations. This platform was created to make it easier for people to make good choices about how to spend their time and money… sounds pretty great to us!


We’re very excited to dive into these big topics with people like you who care, and are willing to do something about it.



Nikkola Pickering, Founder of Conscious Living Project is a skillful and intuitive facilitator. Nikkola has facilitated workshops in the academic research, cross-cultural, non-profit, higher education, business development and health & wellbeing sectors, and is experienced in supporting diverse groups of people to meet a whole range of goals. While we’re sure she was a teacher in a previous life, Nikkola is much more interested in creating safe spaces, asking exploratory questions, and connecting people and ideas. Her belief that each person has their own inner wisdom and answers means Conscious Living Project won’t tell you how to live, it will give you the space to connect to your unique sense of purpose, and to the path that is right for you.

< Frequently Asked Questions >


What will we be learning?


We don’t have pre-determined ideas about what you ‘should’ know or how you ‘should’ be living! Everything we create is about asking questions, reflection and connection. In this workshop, we will learn from our community partners about ethical consumption and social inclusion, and create space for sharing your own stories and ideas about what feels right to you.


Who is the workshop for?


This workshop is for anyone who wants to connect with their lives more deeply, and is keen to be connected with others who want the same. You might be fed up with what’s going on around you (and want to do something about it) or you might want to feel more connected to your own purpose and values.


Will there be snacks?


Yes! We will share some food from The Foodprint Experience together half-way through the workshop. Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements. There will be vegan options available.


Is there parking available at the venue?


Yes, parking is available in the street and the rear of the venue.


Is the venue accessible for people who use a wheelchair or mobility aid?


Yes, absolutely! Please let us know if there’s any extra support we can provide.


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