Hello gorgeous friends

How ya’ll doing at this end of the year? Or as everyone keeps saying – this end of the decade?!

This year we have absolutely adored exploring and choosing consciously in so many juicy, important topics: slow living, ethical consuming, belonging and community, homelessness, giving, reducing waste, saying no, living closer to nature, and listening to your inner voice!

These deep discussions have been so meaningful for us. We’ve gained ideas, support and courage to live more consciously – and we hope you have too!

We have been doing some thinking about what might come next for Conscious Living Project, and we want to let you in on this.


What we have been loving:

  • In-person connection, sharing with people on things we all really care about
  • The feeling of belonging and community 
  • Drawing together ideas for how we can make a difference in the world as individuals
  • Feeling encouraged to actually go and do it!
  • Doing things together to make a difference in the world

What we’re not really loving:

Being online…!

All four of us struggle with the constant background feeling that we need to be sharing our lives online, and should be using sophisticated digital marketing strategies to connect with people. We recognise that this is the most popular way to grow a business and community in contemporary mainstream culture, but something about it is just not sitting right. The negative impacts of being constantly connected (and feeling a latent pressure to do so) are subtle but pervasive.

With this uncertainty about our online presence, you might have noticed we have gone so far up the other end of the scale that we haven’t really been present online at all… haha! Not very strategic!

What’s it all mean for 2020?

We have some ideas for 2020, including converting Conscious Living Project into a community group with regular pot-luck shared dinners and heart-felt chats, and maybe just sharing something meaningful online once or twice a week/month so we can share what’s on our hearts and hear what’s going on in yours.

For now (Nikkola at least, and by default CLP) we’re taking a dive into digital minimalism. Guided by the book by Cal Newport, I’m taking 30 days off all optional apps – ie. those apps which won’t cause harm or serious inconvenience if you go without them. This 30 days will be an opportunity to reconnect with my values and the activities which bring happiness and inspiration. The idea is that following the break, I’ll re-introduce those apps which align with my values on a deep level. Funnily enough this is basically the recipe we have been using for conscious choices all year:


Work out what your values are and make a decision that feels in alignment.


Many people say they are on Facebook to keep connected with friends interstate etc. Digital minimalism asks – is it the best way to stay connected with the friends you really care about? This is what I’m excited to explore. If you want to know more about it without reading the book, check out this podcast where Rich Roll interviews Cal Newport.

This reconnection with deep values, purpose and what’s important will shape how Conscious Living Project unfolds next year. We really want to make choices that feel in alignment, so we’re giving it a red hot go! If you want to be part where this journey takes us next year, leave your email here and we’ll be in touch.

For now, we wish you a very warm and love-filled holiday season and a reminder that you are wonderful, and that we are all in this funny life journey together 🙂


With big love from all of us,

Nikkola, Karyn, Nikki & Kirsty xxx